Simchat Chochmah ~ Joy of Wisdom

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Baby Boomers

Journeying from Mid-life to Elder & Sage
Wisdom Keepers & Mentors

Workshop & Ritual
Joy Krauthammer, MBA  and  AriellaShira Lewis, MA, SLP

The SIMCHAT CHOCHMAH (Joy of Wisdom) celebrates with a ceremony, in Kabbalistic 4 Worlds: Spirit, Mind, Heart & Body, the personal spiritual journey of transition, transcendence and transformation honoring the years from mid-life to elder and sage as we become wisdom keepers & mentors. Examine Jewish women's renewal ceremonies originally created by Savina Teubal, z'l, and Marcia Cohn Spiegel, to acknowledge, reJewvenate, redefine, rededicate, express and empower a woman when she turns at least 60 years of age and tells her story. Today, men too, participate and enjoy these teachings, journey and ceremony.

Ritual is a compelling and challenging opportunity to embrace the sacred in our lives, to connect our roots to our Source. Connecting to Jewish rituals, tradition, unconventional and innovative observances, and community, we collectively and consciously explore the inner meaning, and process of creating a Simchat Chochmah for oneself. Prepare to experience this rite of passage that harvests the wisdom of your life and encourages and prepares you to share the "Joy of Wisdom". Transition into a most meaningful era of Baby Boomer life where new holy opportunities exist to be revealed. Envision your dreams and strive toward attaining greater spiritual heights.

Savina Teubal and Marty Cohn Spiegel blessed Joy Krauthammer and AriellaShira Lewis to "Lechi Lach" / to go forward with their teachings as they encourage women to "L'chi Lach", journey inside to themselves as BlesSings, and celebrate becoming a Simchat Chochmah.

View DVD excerpts: Timbrels & Torahs 

produced and directed by Miriam Chaya and Judith Montell.
Purchased from, and shown with written permission by Miriam Chaya.

Documentary of 3 Simchat Chochmah ceremonies: Savina, Marty, and Miriam Chaya.
(Joy is grateful to have been filmed with Savina Teubal.)

"At age sixty, one attains old age." - Pirkei Avot 5:21

Numbers, Parshat Bamidar 1:3, Men at age 60 are no longer counted. Talmud Bava Basra 121b.
Ramban says, men have reached physical maturity at age 60.
The Talmud (Moed Katan 28a) relates that Rabbi Yosef made a party when he reached 60, celebrating the beginning of lengevity.
Proverbs 16:31, Old age is a crown of beauty, and the way of righteousness is praised.
As a Simchat Chochmah, we begin again to count! And women, too, count and treasure each day. 

 SAGE-ING is a process that enables older people to become spiritually radiant, physically vital, and socially responsible ‘elders of the tribe' who can share much needed wisdom with our families, our friends, our communities and our world."
- Reb Zalman Schachter-Shalomi, Aleph Sage-ing (R) Project

JOY KRAUTHAMMER, MBA (University of Judaism), passionate performing percussionist, poet, publisher, photographer, PR consultant, purple loving person, spiritual guide, artist, gardener, and former NY Medical Social Worker, "Serves G*d With Joy". In Los Angeles' Jewish Renewal, Feminist, and Neo-Chassidic worlds, and at LimmudLA, Wagner Women's Retreat, Brandeis-Bardin, AJU/UJ, Timbrels of Miriam, Sarah's Tent, Jewish Federation and Aleph's Kallah, Joy teaches and leads women's life-cycle and healing rituals. She directed Jewish Women's World and Timbrels of Women. Mentee, "Aleph Sage-ing Project".
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ARIELLASHIRA LEWIS, MA, SLP, Pediatric Speech and Language Therapist and spiritual guide leads Rosh Hodesh celebrations, Life-cycle and Healing ceremonies/circles, both locally and internationally. She birthed the CD "Let There Be Light - Jewish Songs of Healing and Wholeness," and co-founded Am Or Olam -- Center for Spirit, Healing, and the Arts. Presented Simchat Chochmah: LimmudLA, Sarah's Tent, Jewish Federation, Aleph's Kallah, AJU/UJ. Mentee, "Aleph Sage-ing Project".

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Simchat Chochmah 
silk painting
by Joy Krauthammer ©

The very sad news is that DEBBIE FRIEDMAN, z'l, 59 years, brilliant singer/guitarist and Jewish liturgical composer, died Sunday, January 9, 2011 ~ 4 Shevat 5751, during the week of Shabbat Shira, Parshat Beshalach. By a few days, Debbie missed celebrating her Simchat Chochmah.

Part of Debbie's legacy is that with her twinkling eyes and joyous and comforting voice, she empowered us with her ebullient enthusiastic, sparkling spirited, sharing self. She wrote and sang the music and inspirational songs (sung all over the world) for the original Simchat Chochmah - Joy of Wisdom turning 60, eldering ceremonies. For Savina Teubal's Simchat Chochmah ritual that Savina created for the occasion of her 60th birthday in LA, November 1986 on Shabbat Lech Lecha, Debbie with Savina, wrote lyrics to "Lechi Lach", adopting and feminizing the Torah words "Lech Lecha", Genesis 12:1-2. Lechi Lach premiered at the first Simchat Chochmah.

For Marcia Cohn Spiegel's Simchat Chochmah #2, Debbie wrote the "Mi Shebeirach" prayer that we sing for healing, and also "Miriam's Song" ("And the women dancing with their timbrels..." ), celebrated at women's rituals and synagogue services, based on biblical Miriyahm HaNeviah's timbrel dancing and song when the Israelites crossed from slavery to freedom. Exodus 15:20. 
(I have danced that song with Debbie for over two decades. I am grateful. - Joy Krauthammer)

We bless Debbie, z'l, Dina Lea bat Gavriel v'Friedl, on her journey to Heaven as she is surrounded by the sweetest singing angels and "blessed beneath the wings of Shechina".

"Joy Krauthammer is a deep teacher -- multi-dimensional. It is a joyous experience to learn with Joy and receive awakening on many levels of awareness."
- Rabbi Toba August, Lev Eisha; Professor - Academy of Jewish Religion, LA
"To be in Joy’s presence is a joy and to hear her teachings is to uplift your heart and spirit."
- Rabbi Judith HaLevy, Malibu Jewish Center & Synagogue
"Joy is Double Joy and Light."
- Reb Shlomo Carlebach, zt'l, of blessed memory

"AriellaShira Lewis offers a selfless spiritual contribution and elevates the more general quest for holiness and an awareness of Divinity. AriellaShira is courageous in her ceaseless pursuit of kindness, meaning, justice, and peace and has given years of service to the Holy One through countless and priceless acts.
"She has truly reflected the light of Divinity and understands herself to be personally called by the universe to be a vessel of light and life
- Rabbi Rick Brody, Temple Ami Shalom, Covina
"AriellaShira is an angel of the Shechina. She brings compassion, strength, humility and discernment to spiritual gatherings."
- Rabbi Moshe Raphael Halfon, prison Chaplain


Private Simchat Chochmah on-going workshops and celebrations. 
Always available for organizational and private retreats.
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Mazal Tov to our new Simchat Chochmahs!

SIMCHAT CHOCHMAH - Joy of Wisdom  
Aleph Kallah 2011, University of Redlands, June 29, 2011

American Jewish University, Fall 2011 catalogue.

Sunday, December 4, 201110am - 12:30pm, Tuition: $34
American Jewish University,  course # 11FD7J40
(310) 440-1246  / FAX 310 471-6527   
Reservations end Nov. 30, 2011 310 440-1246.

Simchat Chochmah is an official event: International Women's Day.
On this day, may we all sing in Debbie Friedman's, z'l, memory, her songs.


Joy Krauthammer and AriellaShira Lewish presenting Simchat Chochmah
Malibu Jewish Center & Synagogue
© Lisa Motel


Simchat Chochmah silk painting by Joy Krauthammer © Simchat Chochmah altar by Joy, 
Limmud photos © AvivaBell
Simchat Chochmah logo by Julie M.
Simchat Chochmah altar, Kallah, by Joy Krauthammer ©
Simchat Chochmah AJU workshop altar by Joy Krauthammer ©
Simchat Chochmah  workshop altar Jewish Federation serving the Greater San Gabriel & Pomona Valleys, April 26, 2009

Simchat Chochmah Certificate presentation photo by Michael ©
  (Anerican Jewish University, Ahavat Torah, Lev Eisha)
Simchat Chochmah students, American Jewish University © Joy K, Terry and AvivaBell
Simchat Chochmah students, Aleph Kallah
Simchat Chochmah students, Wagner Women, Brandeis Bardin
Simchat Chochmah students, LimmudLA © AvivaBell
AriellaShira Lewis & Gemsbok Shofar © Joy Krauthammer


Participants share:

"I so enjoyed what you shared of the Simchat Chochmah ceremonies with us at Kallah. It was a marvelously generous offer for you to do the workshop for us. It was definitely a high point for me in my week. I really loved your ideas and hope some day to be able to apply them to a ritual with other women. It is very sweet that you are so dedicated to continuing the work of your much loved teacher."
Hugs and B'rachot
- Celeste, 2009

"Joy's open-hearted, generous teaching style reveals her faith and love of G*d ~ creating an intimate and wisdom-filled nest in which to learn and reflect on the underlying Unity of Creation."
Namaste' Lovingly, 
- Terrymara Adams, 2010

"What a magnificent and all encompassing ceremony (Simchat Chochmah),  so badly needed in our world today, in my world. I look so forward to Your book!  

With your 'experiential vision exercise', how wonderful for us to take the time to think in this way, with Your loving, and all embracing guidance.  Thank You Dear Joy for sharing Your journey with us. You have made Your Life a Blessing! I will pass the Joy on! And bless You everytime I remember You."
- Anita Emery, 2010

"Joy's workshop on becoming a Jewish elder, "Simchat Chochmah ~ Joy of Wisdom", was as helpful, caring and joyful as she is. We had a wonderful experience celebrating our new status as Jewish elders (passing age 60), and were able to apply Joy's techniques for moving towards the things that we'd always meant to do "some day" - one of the key take-home messages of the workshop."
- Steve and Sandy, 2009

"Many thanks for the intriguing creative, so right brain.
You both gave me lots of food for thought for how I would like to celebrate and commemorate my (next big) birthday.
I have no firm ideas yet, but lots to think about."
Lots of love,
- Julie, 2010

"Eva and I really enjoyed the workshop. I loved your altar and all the beautiful and personally meaningful ritual objects."
- Rachel Kohn, 2010

"You are a wonder and I am totally blessed to have met you. ... Also, thank you for all the information.
I was totally moved at the end of your workshop with the concept of blessings that we can give each other.  For me that has been most powerful."
with much love and respect, 
- Suzanne

"I must say, you did a touchy and impressive work...
It will inspire me to do an aging to sageing celebration for my 60th."
- gilla

“I so enjoyed the class on Sunday. I was totally engaged the entire time.  

The feeling of spirituality was felt throughout the entire session.  You and
Ariella Shira are a wonderful combination of energies.  You are beautiful spirits.
I am looking forward to future subjects about aging you plan to facilitate.
Thank you for the time, energy and thought that went in to developing and
presenting this insightful class.
I look forward to being with you again soon.”  
- Marcy Shapiro Perlmutter 

"Thank you again for a full and meaningful day. I, too, look forward to many more meetings.

Please thank AriellaShira for me as well. She is a lovely angel of a woman. "
In peace, 
- Leslie

"I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop."
Love you,  
- Jane

"Thank You!  Yesterday was terrific!   You had so much to offer and just not enough time!.  I am definitely thinking about this ceremony some time in the future.  I am looking for some of the books suggested."
- Merle

"Yesterday was incredible. " 
- Lynn
P.S.  I'm thinking of adding "Gila" to my name Leah.  What do you think?  


Savina Teubal, Simchat Chochmah creator, and Joy Krauthammer
Awards Dinner, with Savina, co-founder Sarah's Tent

Joy Krauthammer and her mentor, Marty Cohn Spiegel, Simchat Chochmah #2
Jewish Women's Theatre 2014

Simchat Chochmah ~ Joy of Wisdom certificate
presentation from Joy to Leah Gila Chaya

Reb Shlomo Carlebach, zt"l, (Joy's rebbe) taught us a secret - the secret of joy. If you want to be b'simcha (joyous) give everyone blesSings with all your heart. And even if at first this seems awkward, keep on doing it until you truly find yourself in that holy space of blesSing - and before you even know it you will be b'simcha, you are joyous!
Don't forget we are also 'kohanim' as it says, "And you shall be into Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation." - Shemos 19  (The Kohanim give the blessings.)
students (American Jewish University) and
AriellaShira and Joy

workshop participants (Aleph Kallah, Ohio) 
with AriellaShira Lewis and Joy Krauthammer (photographer)
workshop participants and Joy Krauthammer
Wagner Women, Brandeis Bardin
pre-workshop participants, LIMMUDLA
AriellaShira Lewis and Joy Krauthammer

workshop participants, Kallah 2011, Univ. of Redlands
AriellaShira Lewis and Chana Bell and Rehama and, 
Miriam Chaya, Producer of Timbrels and Torah
Joy Krauthammer ©

AriellaShira Lewis journeys toward her Simchat Chochmah
with her newly carved Gemsbok shofar, to be used in ritual.
photos and collage by Joy Krauthammer ©

Certificate created for AriellaShira
on occasion of her Simchat Chochmah
 and the accepting of her title, Maggidah shel Chochmat Lev.
Art created by Joy Krauthammer © 2011

Certificate created for Sherri Kadovitz 
on occasion of her Simchat Chochmah
 and the acceptance of her name, Sura Golda NATANA.
Personalized art printed on ceremony program
Art created by Joy Krauthammer © 2013

SIMCHAT CHOCHMAH ~ Joy of Wisdom banner
customized for AJU's Rare Books Collection Exhibit on Pirkei Avot, May 2014
© Joy Krauthammer 

MAZAL TOV to Nancy Federman and her 3 friends (Frima, Patty & Judy)
 who celebrated their Simchat Chochmah, June 8, 2013.  
It is rewarding to have had Nancy in my Simchat Chochmah workshop at Brandeis-Bardin.

"Teach us to treasure our days, 
that we can attain a heart of wisdom."
© Joy Krauthammer

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