Simchat Chochmah ~ Joy of Wisdom Objectives

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Simchat Chochmah ~ Joy of Wisdom  

Workshop Objectives

Session Description

As guides, we teach Simchat Chochmah ~ Joy of Wisdom, a spiritual journey of preparation for the ceremonial ritual to transform one from mid-life baby boomer to elder, sage, wisdom keeper and mentor. We explain the ritual's origins, ceremony's Elements, and show documentary excerpts of authentic celebrations that illustrate their powerful meaning. Inquieries and blesSings are offered for one to go deeply within their souls to find new life meaning, where holy opportunities exist to be revealed.

Research Findings
People who have prepared for and experienced their Simchat Chochmah have reported that the journey has been a powerful and meaningful rite of passage that transformed their experience of aging into a profound experience of sageing. With courage, life-review, support, inspiration, ritual and blesSings, people have manifested expressed dreams into ongoing reality, and also found themselves elevated as mentors in helping others, in unexpected latent goodness.

Journey to prepare for a ceremonial life celebration. To educate about Simchat Chochmah, origins and motivations. Inspire participants to have a Simchat Chochmah journey and ceremony. View video and experience visceral appreciation of ceremony significance. Learn the Elements of the Simchat Chochmah celebration.  Examine personal life. Formulation of one's life story; Harvest wisdom to share; Identification of issues for healing, not to carry unresolved issues into the next part of life journey.

Recognize important persons from past and present personal family and community, and invite and involve them in celebration.
To explore Inquieries for present and future. To take action. To support journey. Research own faith texts and identify relevant messages. Torah, if Jewish. To choose a new spiritual name or title to support their journey.

Attendees can expect to examine personal life, and on their journey prepare for a ceremonial celebration of life.

Target Audience
            Aging services professional with experience in spirituality and aging
            Religious/spiritual leader with experience working with older persons
            Scholar studying religion, spirituality and aging
            Artist whose work reflects and/or encourages spiritual development in later life
            Aging person interested in spirituality

Presentation Methods may include:            
            PowerPoint Lecture/presentation
            Non PowerPoint Lecture/presentation
            Interactive Exercise
            Video clip and/or recorded music

Joy Krauthammer 
Professional Memberships
LA synagogues & Aleph (educator). Temple musician (1990-present, last 25 years). 
Presenter– Jewish Wisdom & Wellness ~ Festival of Learning, sponsored by (HUC) Kalsman Institute and Cedars-Sinai, April 2015.
52Frames Photographer

Professional Experience in Aging and Spirituality

Workshop presenter Aging and Spirituality. (1994-2015)
Death Cafe, End of Life Cafe hostess 

Certification, Licenses held
University of Judaism/American Jewish University, MBA, Non-Profit, Long Term Care. 
NY licensed medical social worker (Cumberland Hospital.

Organization Information
Spiritual, Community
Job Title
Temple Musician, Artist, Educator, Community CERT & Neighborhood Watch Activist

AriellaShira Lewis, MA, SLP
Speech Language Therapist. California Institute of Women (prison) Rosh Chodesh ritualist. Presenter–  Jewish Wisdom and Wellness ~ Festival of Learning sponsored by (HUC) Kalsman Institute and Cedars-Sinai, April 2015.

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