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Clarification on "A Ritual to Honor Wisdom"  
Jewish Journal, July 10, 2013

Please read about the authentic Simchat Chochmah journey and ceremony and enjoy photos:
SIMCHAT CHOCHMAH ~ Joy of Wisdom workshops with Joy Krauthammer.

Grateful that Nancy Federman and others studied with me in the Simchat Chochmah ~ Joy of Wisdom (Baby Boomer) workshop that I offered a few years ago through American Jewish University's Wagner Women. Nancy shared the wisdom with her friends so they too could have the ceremony. Nancy Federman was not only "aware" of the Simchat Chochmah ceremony, but while she took my spiritual workshop on SIMCHAT CHOCHMAH ~ Joy of Wisdom to prepare for her sageing journey, Nancy watched "Timbrels and Torahs", a documentary video by Miriam Chaya, about Savina Teubal, z'L, AND also Marty Cohn Spiegel with composer/singer Debbie Friedman, z"l . Important to know also that Debbie composed music for MiSheberach and Lechi Lach for the first TWO Simchat Chochmahs.

In the spiritual workshop we learn about the journey, and all the elements to create the rituals.
This Jewish women's renewal ceremony, originally created by Savina Teubal, z'l, and also Marcia Cohn Spiegel, are to acknowledge, reJewvenate, redefine, rededicate, express and empower a woman when she turns at least 60 years of age and tells her story. 

It is important for women to know that the ceremony's intention of celebrating life is based on Pirkei Avot 5:21, "At age sixty, one attains old age." This was not in the Jewish Journal excellent story.

Blessed by both Savina and Marty to share their wisdom, I have taught the workshops (with AriellaShira Lewis) at Limmud, Aleph's Kallah, Sarah's Tent, American Jewish University, Jewish Federation, etc. BlesSings to all the newest Simchat Chochmahs. I would love to share the journey and ceremony with all women ready to celebrate.
Joy Krauthammer

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